Ladies and Gentlemen, 

1. I stand before you today at the COP28 with a mission of utmost  importance.  

2. Today, I speak not just as the Regent of Pahang but as an advocate  for the majestic Malayan Tiger, an animal that symbolises our shared  heritage and a vital part of our natural ecosystem.  

3. The establishment of the Pahang Royal Wildlife Sanctuary, named  the Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal Tiger Reserve, marks a pivotal chapter  in our conservation efforts. 

4. The Malayan Tiger, a magnificent creature that epitomises strength  and power, is unfortunately facing the grave threat of extinction.  

5. This animal, proudly featured on both Malaysia and Singapore’s  national crests, is now critically endangered due to illegal poaching  and habitat destruction.  

6. From a robust population of over 3000 tigers in the 1950s, we are  now left with fewer than 150 in the wild.  

7. This alarming decline is a result of relentless poaching and a  significant loss of habitat, driven by our quest for development and  economic growth. 

8. Recognising the gravity of the situation, the Malaysian government  has launched comprehensive measures to protect this iconic  species.  

9. The National Tiger Survey, a detailed study conducted across  Malaysia’s dense jungles, has shed light on the stark reality of the  Malayan Tiger’s predicament.

10. In response, we have mobilised a nationwide effort involving various  agencies, including the Royal Malaysian Police, the Forestry  Department, and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.  

11. This collaborative initiative, aimed at curbing poaching and  preserving the tiger’s habitat, is a testament to our commitment to  saving the Malayan Tiger. 

12. In the heart of this nationwide effort is the Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal  Tiger Reserve, a sanctuary spanning over 100,000 hectares.  

13. This reserve is strategically located next to Taman Negara National  Park, forming a contiguous protected area that is crucial for the  Malayan Tiger’s survival.  

14. The reserve is not just a haven for the Malayan Tiger and other  endangered species; it will also be a hub for conservation research  and practices.  

15. At the reserve, we are implementing world-class standards for  habitat management and prey enrichment, which are essential for  the Malayan Tiger’s repopulation. 

16. The establishment of this reserve also signifies our dedication to  international collaboration in conservation efforts.  

17. We are adopting global accreditation standards, such as the  Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (or CATS) and the IUCN  standards for protected and conserved areas, to ensure that our  practices meet the highest international benchmarks.  

18. Central to our strategy is the principle of collaborative partnership.

19. The complex endeavour of repopulating and ensuring the survival  of the Malayan tiger requires a collective effort from government  agencies, NGOs, private entities, and international partners.  

20. No single organisation can shoulder this responsibility alone.  

21. It is a multi-faceted approach that encompasses habitat  management, anti-poaching efforts, research, and community  engagement. 

22. Our vision for the reserve includes not just the protection of the  Malayan Tiger but also the development of facilities for re-wilding,  captive breeding, and translocation efforts.  

23. These initiatives are aligned with the national tiger recovery plan,  underscoring our holistic approach to conservation. 

24. Today, I invite all supporters, to join us in this critical mission.  

25. The potential for research partnerships is vast, including studies on  the co-benefits of the Malayan Tiger conservation to climate change  mitigation.  

26. The financial sustainability of the reserve is crucial.  

27. We are exploring innovative mechanisms, including Public-Private  Partnerships, to ensure the long-term viability of our conservation  efforts. 

28. The reserve’s management model is designed to attract and  facilitate these partnerships, blending conservation goals with  financial sustainability. 

29. We recognise that the Malayan Tiger is a treasure belonging to  Malaysia and the world. 

30. Its survival is a responsibility we all share.  

31. The Malayan Tiger is a symbol of our natural heritage, and its  extinction would be an irreplaceable loss to global biodiversity. 

32. Ladies and gentlemen, 

33. The task before us is monumental, but our resolve is steadfast. The  establishment of the Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal Tiger Reserve is a  significant step, but it is just the beginning.  

34. We need global support, expertise, and commitment to turn the tide  for the Malayan Tiger.  

35. Let us come together, pooling our resources and knowledge, to  ensure that the roar of the Malayan Tiger continues to echo through  the jungles of Malaysia.  

36. Let us work hand in hand to protect this magnificent species and  preserve it for generations to come. 

37. Thank you.